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Hello world!

This blog will hopefully see me through the trials and tribulations of getting a PhD. I will be starting my PhD studies this October at Dublin City University as part of the ATWARM project. I will also have a supervisor from Queen’s University Belfast, where I will be carrying out some of my research.

I will be considered to be an Early Stage Researcher and am funded through the Marie Curie Actions for Initial Training Networks. 14PhD students and 2 post-doctoral researchers will form part of the ATWARM projects at 7 institutions in Germany, UK and Ireland.

My project is project no 3.6 entitled:

Assessment and usefulness of integrating stable isotope data and data on pharmaceuticals to disentangle point and diffuse sources of pollution

The description of the project is:

Identifying the source(s) of nitrate in water bodies is crucial to preserve water quality and achieve sustainability. This project will identify source(s) of nitrate in water bodies. Most nitrate sources are characterised by distinct N and O isotopic compositions, except for sewage and manure, which have overlapping values. This complicates nitrate source identification. The project will assess the effectiveness of integrating isotopic data on nitrate and data on pharmaceuticals to disentangle point and diffuse sources of nitrate pollution.

I look forward to started this new phase of my life. At the moment I am still waiting for official acceptance from the University and receipt of my contract. I look forward to the 30th September when I make my way to Dublin and the 1st of October when I will meet my supervisor to embark on this next stage of my life and also the other students who will be starting their project with me.

I hope this blog will serve to keep in contact with other people working in the same areas as me, and possibly to rant sometimes.

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