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PhD Week 3: Done

Today is Thursday. Therefore it was time for the weekly lab meeting, where we get to discuss what has been achieved in the previous weeks. I am getting to like these meetings. Although they might seem a bit stressful, they help you to figure out and reflect on exactly what  you did the week before. It does not take all that long to prepare the presentation. However I am finding the thought process behind it and all the cogs and wheels that start whirring around in you brain is what takes over, even after the presentation is finished.

I am also getting a focus for what I should be doing in the coming week. Sometimes I feel as if there is just too much to achieve and I would like to achieve everything in that week. However (as a wise person has told me) you need to prioritize. Therefore I hope I have a plan for the coming week/s and can follow it and be successful.

The supervisors, although not that knowledgable in the specific area I am working in, give quite constructive criticism, and are ready to learn and discuss. I particularly give importance to the input of two lecturers, who seem to be more knowledgable in such research matters.

What comes next? Well it seems as all of my supervisors are pushing for me to publish a review paper. I have some ideas where the gaps in the knowledge I would like to investigate are, and where I think a review paper would be useful. Even if I do not get a review paper out of it, I think it could be particularly useful later on in my project and in defining exactly what my project will be.

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  1. annmucc
    October 21, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Glad to be considered wise by someone 😛

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