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Orientation for Researchers

Today saw the commencement of the DCU Researchers Development Programme for 2010-2011, with the session Orientation for Researchers. It is organised by the Human Resources and the OVPR (Office for the Vice President for Research) within DCU.

Although most of the sessions are geared towards Post-docs and higher researchers, this session is suitable for all individuals. Its aims were to help researchers understand the support systems at the University for research staff and the research environment at DCU and in Ireland. It also allows for different research staff to meet and talk together. There was a strong showing from the School of Biotechnology and so I knew some people, and got to know others who I have already started meeting in the corridors etc.

The programme consisted of various presentations of around 20-30 minutes each, from various entities, such as OVPR, IT systems, HR, Finance, Commercialisation of Research, a presentation by DUCRA (DCU Contract Researchers Association) and the library. The sessions I found most interesting were those by the IT personnel and DUCRA, and particularly the latter.

The 2 members of DUCRA explained what the issues related to researchers are, and the particularities of developing your research career depending on what you would like to see happen in your career. I found it really enlightening to have two researchers discuss in a frank manner this subject. Being a researcher is nothing like other jobs. And people (at least I) do not have a good idea of what is expected etc.

Overall I think it was a great success personally. I also got to meet two other ATWARM fellows who are at DCU, who are really nice, and other researchers within the school of Biotechnology. If I had to change something, it would possibly be to have two different sessions, with one oriented towards PhD students and another oriented towards higher level researchers. But apart from that a great success.

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