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PhD Week 4: Done

Thursday has come and gone and the weekly lab meeting has also come and gone. This means I am slighty overdue with my update. This week during the meeting I presented the results of my HPLC trial run and they seemed to like that I got a 0.999 R squared value. However they suggested I compare the areas of my peaks to those obtained by other people (I have done that now and they match 🙂 ).

After this I presented some background to the use of pharmaceuticals as chemical tracers of faecal contamination. I still have a long was to go in this regards, as the number of papers is greatly increasing minute by minute. But I think I am slowly getting to the point where papers cited would already be in my reference library and therefore I should hopefully soon be getting to the bottom of this.

Now what is the plan for the coming week? I should keep on working on reading literature related to the use of pharmaceuticals as chemical tracers. In addition they have requested that next week I present to them how I plan on executing the project…what samples I will be taking, the methods I will be using etc. I was panicking a bit about this last part, but Ann Marie, who is finishing her PhD at the moment and has some experience in the basic area I will be working on (the other people in the lab work on a completely different subject area) took some time out, so that I could thrash some ideas about, and I feel somewhat better.

The last thing on the agenda for the week was to attend the Orientation for Researchers at DCU, which was held today. A blog post should be coming up on that soon, so keep your eyes open.

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