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PhD Week 6: Done

My 6th week as a PhD student has come and gone. It was quite a busy week. I am a bit confused however. I think I achieved a lot, but at the same time I do not think I got anywhere. The main job in the past week was that I looked into pharmaceutical selection, to determine the suite of pharmaceuticals I will be analysing for. I now have 2 lists of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals from which to select from. However I am not confident in that this is the way to go. Especially with respect to the veterinary pharmaceuticals. It seems that the way I am going around things might be a bit haphazard. But I am not aware of being able to do it better myself. Unfortunately we did not have a lab meeting this week, so I did not get to present what I did. This could have been a way where I could discuss the way forward with my supervisors. We should have a meeting next Monday, and we will see how things go. I hope that they can give me some constructive feedback.

Another issue I am struggling with is how to approach other researchers and what to say. I have pinpointed a number of individuals who seem to have vast experience in the area of human and veterinary pharmaceutical analysis. However I do not know whether I should contact them, and what level of detail I should give. Giving more details of my project could result in them possibly being more helpful, but at the same time maybe I do not want to give everything away. You always hear about competition in the research world and I never know to what extent this reaches.

This week, I also attended the first of Graduate compulsory training, a session called Safelab 1. We also got a new PhD student in our research group. She is also part of the ATWARM project, and she seems to be very nice.

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