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Week 6.5 Lab Meeting

Last week, we did not get to have our lab meeting, as it was postponed till today. I presented the pharmaceutical selection process I have been going through. I am pleased to say that today was one of the most involved I have seen my supervisors in my (or any of the other students’) projects. They seemed interested in what I was saying, they asked questions and gave suggestions and opinions. I will certainly take these into account and look forward to the next step in my work. Most of the students complain about these meetings, as they think that they are held too often. I think that later on I will feel the same way. However at the start of the project, this is exactly what I need. It makes you work from week to week, and it means that you do not have to schedule a meeting every time, and have to request meetings each time you take a baby step. In addition it gets your supervisors (or most of them at least), together, which would be next to impossible otherwise.

I also got good news at the meeting. I should have been going up to Belfast for a Network meeting for the ATWARM project on Thursday. However they asked whether we would be available to go up a day earlier, to attend a meeting being held the day before by QUESTOR. I obviously said yes, so tomorrow afternoon (we go the day before so we can be there at 9am) I will be making my way to Belfast. I will be going up with a couple of people from the lab, who need to attend the QUESTOR meeting, so even better I will not take the bus on my own. Rather I will be going up by car.

Will update you on the meeting later on, once it is over 🙂

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