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Lab Work Started

Today has been a momentous day. Just prior to leaving for my Christmas holidays in Malta I had ordered my chemicals and had everything ready to start lab work. Today I made my way for my first day back in the lab after my Christmas holidays and after settling back in and getting some minor issues out of the way, I got ready to start my lab work. I managed to obtain the UV spectra for all the chemicals I have received to date. One of the spectra is a bit worrying as it seems to be a bit displaced relative to the others. I might redo it, depending upon the spectra obtained for the remaining 2 chemicals I still have to receive. Once all the UV spectra are in (or perhaps before), I will start working on HPLC method development.

Apart from lab work I am also currently working on a poster for the DCU School of Biotechnology Research Day and on my literature review. So things are going well I guess. However no problems have been envisaged for the work I have achieved to date. HPLC method development is the place where I expect the first hurdles to be reached. Will see how it goes.

  1. January 6, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I know how you feel having to take all those spectra. I’m working on tracking carbon impurities in a tokamak, and trying to filter through all the data that have random spikes, offsets or are just in general completely different profiles can be quite disheartening. Good luck with your poster!

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