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School of Biotechnology Research Day

Last Friday the School of Biotechnology at DCU had its annual Research Day. I did not know what o expect from it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of research happening within the school. This is even though I could not understand most of it, since I am not doing biotechnology as such, I really liked the presentations I listened to. There was one of the guys in our lab, who presented his work. He is in his final year of his PhD, and it was good to understand a bit more about what he is researching.

There were also a considerable number of poster presentations, over 30 in all. These gave a small insight into all the other research happening in the department. My presentation was included with them, and I am happy with my poster, although I have noted some changes I will make for the next poster I will make.

What I really liked about the Research Day was the presence of a number of suppliers. Apart from the various freebies they gave out, it was good to meet the people I have communicated with via email and also others I did not know. In Malta, we generally buy from around 3 agents. And our link is with the agent not the actual company. Here you need to know all the different companies in order to make an order, so sometimes it is a bit more of a hassle.

A successful research day I must say. Well done to the School of Biotechnology and the Biological Research Society at DCU, who were instrumental in its organisation.

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