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Research Progresses

After the ENVIRON conference I got back into my HPLC method development and literature review work. Regarding my literature review my supervisors and I have decided on a target journal for submission, and I have looked at the guide for authors and formatted my document to their requirements e.g. reference style, sections etc. At least Refworks, which I use as a reference manager, had the journal style inputted, and it corresponded to the journal’s requirements, and therefore it was easy enough to achieve. I have now sent my review to a supervisor who has not yet seen it and had requested to see it after I carry out the changes of the three supervisors who had seen the previous draft.

HPLC method development has also progressed well. I have now separated 10 of the analytes (out of 11), with good peak separation and got a good calibration curve. For two of the analytes (i.e. analytes 10 and 11) no peak separation occurs. However they absorb at different wavelengths and therefore I can use wavelength separation for them. Unfortunately the HPLC I am currently using doesn’t have a DAD. However the LC-MS detector has a DAD and therefore I could save time from having to do all analyses twice. I have discussed the HPLC method with one of my supervisors who knows the area most, and he gave me some suggestions re some ghost peaks (small peaks coming out even in the blank), and I will try them out in the coming weeks. Once that is finished, I hope that the LC-MS would have been fixed and I can get onto it (it has been broken down since before the 10th March, so we will see).

Today I am off for an Easter trip around Ireland with the rest of the family who are visiting from all over Europe. I can’t wait to get a break and be back and work!

  1. April 19, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Cecilia, congratulations on your recent progress. I’m very excited for you on the prospect of submitting your literature review to a journal. Please blog on this journey from inception of idea to ‘hopefully’ accepted article – we’re in different fields, so I won’t understand your specific research, but I’d love to learn how you get on with the article submission and peer review process.

    My 1st year report is coming along slowly. I decided to start with a data analysis chapter instead of the Lit Review, as I haven’t written anything on this scale for about 9 months – I thought writing a safe/interesting chapter first would serve a useful psychological trick – it would get me back into the process of writing.

    Enjoy your well earned break, and Good luck!

  1. May 3, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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