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An update

It has been quite some time since I updated this blog I have noticed. Research wise I have not progressed that much, but I feel that my project is getting a bit more shape, albeit not in the original direction I had been hoping for. Since the ATWARM summer school which was a great success, I have been to a conference in Crete on Instrumental Methods of Analysis (IMA 2011) in September. It was truly a new experience for me, as it was my first large conference. I really enjoyed that most of the speakers were not students but heads of research groups and people from industry, so I got to hear about a wide range of projects in each presentation rather than a detailed explanation of one project. The hospitality in Crete was also second to none.

I have also attended a networking event organised by the ISPE Ireland affiliate (An association of pharmaceutical engineers) held in Dublin earlier in the month. It was a good way to meet individuals from industry and I enjoyed the discussions. A high point for me was that I won the ‘Postgraduate student award’ for my poster presentation. I really appreciate what that meant.

On a personal note I have become secretary of the Biological Research Society and I look forward to a successful year of events. I think we are a good team of hard workers who just want to get the things done, so it should be a positive experience.

Hopefully more posts will be forthcoming in the next weeks.

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