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Coding Fun :)

Last week, I saw mentioned on a blog I subscribe to that this year is the year of Coding. Therefore Codecademy have taken on this initiative to teach code for free to the world (or at least to whoever is that way inclined). I have very limited coding experience. I have only done Pascal way way back when I was 15 for my Computing O-level exam, and then I have a basic idea through my use of LaTeX for writing my dissertations. But these, especially the last, are not what anyone would consider to be coding, so you can imagine my extent of (non) knowledge.

Therefore I decided to take on this challenge. Not because I particularly need to learn, but because I am always looking for new things to learn. And I figured that it cannot hurt. The system works in that once you sign up, every week an email is received with that week’s lesson. In addition to the particular lesson there are a number of lessons which are used to apply what you have learnt e.g. to make a game or a fun activity.

We are now in our third week, but it is quite easy to pick up. So I do suggest you give it a try. You also get to ‘win’ badges as you take on the different courses. I already have 13 achievements, of which I am well proud :).

My codecademy achievements

My codecademy achievements

Overall it is being a good experience. My only negative would be that sometimes there are some hitches, where something that might have otherwise been correct, is not accepted as correct (or vice versa) due to the way the system checks for correct / incorrect responses. But there is a good forum going on, and it is really great fun.

Do you have any coding experience? Are you doing the Codecademy experience? What do you think?

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