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Getting back into the swing of things

After my Easter holiday, I was finding it quite hard to get back to work, so that last week I mainly did paper work and no experimental work as such. I did not feel as productive, but I did manage to finish all the documentation (reports, poster, plans) for next week’s ATWARM meeting in Germany.

On a positive note, I had a meeting with the supervisor who had not yet seen my literature review last Wednesday, and he seemed pleased with the way it looks. He suggested some further changes which I also finalised last week and I resent it to him as requested and am now awaiting further comments. Hopefully he approves with the changes so that I could resend it to all the supervisors and can get the ball rolling.

Last week I also got the new HPLC column I ordered just before going on holiday. I will get to working on the HPLC tomorrow to see how this works out using the previous conditions. In theory they are identical columns, just that this one is new and therefore should be ‘better’. But I am learning to expect the unexpected, so will wait and see.

Hopefully this week is more productive, and I get some actual lab work done, since I will be away most of next week for the meeting in Germany.


An unproductive week

March 25, 2011 2 comments

Another PhD week is over, and it can certainly be labelled as unproductive. I submitted the second draft of my literature review to my supervisors last Monday (1st time all except one are seeing it) and that is practically the extent of my work. The problem is that I have been planning on working on the HPLC method development, but I am having big problems with that. Some tubing has been changed in the past couple of weeks, and therefore big problems with pressure are ensuing, resulting in the tubing popping off.

I hope next week I can be a bit more productive and get my HPLC method working. If I can get back to how I was a couple of weeks ago on my method, it should only take a couple of days (2 or 3) to get everything I want done done. But Oh well.

Wish me luck for the coming week.

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