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HPLC Training

October 26, 2010 4 comments

I have now started lab training at Uni, namely in using the HPLC. I have had some previous experience in using HPLCs, so I knew what to expect somewhat. However my knowledge is quite limited and was looking forward to getting trained on this piece of equipment which is likely going to be an integral part of my research. I will also be using IRMS and LC-MS, of which I have no prior experience. So it was good to start slowly with something I knew a bit about.

On the advice of the other people in the lab, I decided to carry out some runs during my first training. It seems that usually training is held with only verbal explanations, which might not be as helpful later on. Therefore I prepared my stock solution and mobile phase last Tuesday, so that they would be ready for Thursday (on Wednesday I went to Belfast). Training was unfortunately postponed to Friday, since the lab officer was quite busy on Thursday.

So I prepared my standard solutions from the stock solution and got ready to be trained. I am quite pleased with myself. I managed to get a 0.999 R squared value (5 standards used). This shows that the standard preparation was indeed carried out correctly and that the HPLC worked properly.

I still have lots more to achieve. This was simply a test run using a standard method used before by other people in the lab. As part of my research I will most probably have to develop my own method. But I will take it one day at a time. Next up in lab work…using the HPLC to carry out a run on my own. Hopefully sometime this week or early next week.