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Meeting my Supervisor at QUB

October 21, 2010 2 comments

Yesterday the long awaited day came. I made the trek (Ok 2 bus rides and a walk) to Belfast from Dublin to meet my supervisor at Queen’s University Belfast. His name is Dr. Luc Rock and his expertise lies in stable isotope measurements and the use of nitrogen and oxygen isotopes  for nitrate source determination.

The meeting went quite well. We discussed quite a number of factors related to my project. We discussed what has been done in the area, where the gaps of knowledge are and his vision for the project. He is quite open to what I would want to do and he seems to be willing to take the project wherever my vision takes it (hmmm…do I have a vision?). I also got a chance to discuss with him some aspects of nitrate isotopes, which I found to be quite helpful. After our meeting we went to the lab where he showed me the different equipment they have available and their specific uses.

I am glad I made the effort to go and visit him and had the opportunity to discuss with him aspects of my project. Although he did not give any concrete answers to what I should or should not do, I now know what his vision is, and what his expectations of the project are. I can see that he is a truly nice person and he is interested in this subject.

I will now meet him again in about 1 months time. So I will see how that goes. However I am still excited about the project. Cannot wait to figure out what I will exactly be doing. However experienced sources in the area said that I will probably never have an answer to that.


PhD Week 2: Done

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Today was my second lab meeting. As per last week (and the next weeks for the next three years or so), I had to prepare a presentation on the work I achieved in the past week, and state my goals for the following week. The main achievement in the past week was reading through the literature to get a good background on the subject of nitrates and isotopes and an idea of what has been done and the limitations. Therefore the presentation consisted of me explaining some of the basic principles of what I will be following.

Shouldn’t the supervisors know what I will be doing? Well, in my case not exactly. The supervisors at DCU are mainly involved in pharmaceutical analysis and have very limited (if any) research experience in the use of nitrate isotopes. I have another supervisor in Belfast who is more into this area. Therefore I gave them a basic understand of the main principles, so that they could also follow what I will be doing.

I am quite pleased with my presentation today. It was much better than the one I did last week, and I feel that I managed to explain what I wanted to present in a simple and coherent manner. I hope that the next presentations will be similar to this one. At the presentation another supervisor, who is a co-supervisor of the other members of the research group I am in, was present today. I was impressed by his knowledge in the subject and the interest he showed in the project. He seems to be a good all rounder and I look forward to getting more feedback from him.

So what are the goals for the coming week? I hope to finish reading off the data I have about nitrates and isotopes and hopefully next Monday I can start focusing on the pharmaceutical aspect of my research project. Next Wednesday I should also be going to Belfast to meet my other supervisor who is situated there. He is the main person who has research experience in the area of isotope tracers and therefore I have loads of questions for him. I also hope to start my HPLC training.

Wish me luck!

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