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Isotopes and Quotes

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I started really reading all the literature I found last week. I only managed to read one paper, so the going is quite tough, however it was a review paper, which enabled me to understand better the field I am entering. I am now reading chapters from a book on the subject, and would like to share a quote from it, which I feel is currently appropriate. In addition I hope that it is something I never forget, if I ever reach a stage where all that I am currently reading becomes common knowledge for me:


Fretwell’s Law:

“Warning! Stable isotope data may cause severe and contagious stomach upset if taken alone. To prevent upsetting reviewers’ stomachs and your own, take stable isotope data with a healthy dose of other hydrologic, geologic, and geochemical information. Then, you will find stable isotope data very beneficial.” (Marvin O. Fretwell, pers. comm. 1983).



Stable Isotope Data is very intensive, not only mathematically, but also conceptually. But hopefully I will get there.
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